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Perth Wood School Woodworking Lessons 5



David received a drill, jigsaw and router for his 10th birthday and has been mad keen on making things with wood ever since. After training as a Design and Technology teacher, David worked in both public and private schools teaching woodwork and furniture making. 

Since establishing Perth Wood School in 2007 David has crafted countless furniture projects for corporate and private clients.

He gains enormous satisfaction from teaching people new skills they never thought they could achieve.


Cat loves the journey involved in making projects. "The outcome always feels like the front cover to a book with the story behind it." 

Our in house design expert, Cat has a Bachelor Degree in Creative Industries as well as an Advanced Diploma in Industrial Design.

Cat really enjoys being part of the "making" experience with our customers and helping them gain that sense of achievement through building something awesome.


Everyone who works with Tracey will be impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge of woodwork and design. Tracey's passion is infectious and she will guide you on all your woodwork projects.

Tracey is a Graduate of the Australian School of Fine Wood and her design skills will assist you in creating your next unique masterpiece.

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