Fine Woodworking Timbers

We sell an extensive range of Australian and imported furniture grade species that are now hard to find in Western Australia!  Most of our imported species are stocked in Select grade rough sawn 25mm and 50mm thicknesses.  Typical lengths are 2.1m - 3.0m We can also machine timber to your requirements at very reasonable rates.
Unsure on the best timber for your project? We'll give you the right advice on selecting the best species for your project. And yes we can explain the difference between hardwoods and softwoods, furniture grade and structural species.
Only need a small piece? Come and check out our range of dressed craft size pieces.
Species we stock include:

  • Basswood / English Lime  - Arguably the best species in the world for carving, whittling and shaping.  Also highly sought after for electric guitar bodies.
  • American Black Walnut - One of the very finest furniture making species available.  Prized for the dark chocolate bronze tones and beautiful grain features.
  • European Beech - An all round great timber to work with hand tools and power tools alike.  Very even and consistent grain.  Not too hard or too soft.
  • American Cherry - Right up there with the best furniture making timbers and superb for hand tool work.  Quickly mellows to a warm tan-brown colour.
  • European Cherry - In our opinion, an even nicer variety of Cherry than American Cherry.  More diverse range of colours and more even grain.
  • Jarrah - Limited availability please contact us for more info. The timber our great state owes so much for early commercial success.  One of the hardest and most durable furniture grade timbers in use.
  • American White Oak - A highly popular timber from the USA  used for all manner of classic furniture and joinery projects. Oak presents with prominent grain patterns and a hard wearing durable nature.
  • French Oak - Along with its American cousin, French Oak is excellent for furniture projects both large and small.  
  • Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash - Limited availability please contact us for more info. Actually two varieties of Eucalypt and not even remotely related to the Oak family, this is the most widely used hardwood in Australia. Sought after for the very even straight grain and blonde appearance.
  • Canadian Rock Maple - A hard very pale timber with fantastic grain patterns.  Maple is highly popular with all kinds of instrument makers and furniture makers alike.
  • White Ash - Presents with a pale blonde highly figured and textured grain very similar to Oak with a much lighter colour. White Ash is excellent for all kinds of woodworking projects.

We supply veneered MDF and particleboard, plywood and much more. Some of the plywood grades available include:

  • A/B Baltic Birch exterior grade
  • A/A Hoop pine marine grade
  • B/B Hoop pine exterior grade
  • B/C exterior Radiata ply
  • 5mm Bending ply

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